Fluffy Gardens (80 x 7’20”)

In Fluffy Gardens, something unexpected happens every day!

Maybe Paolo the Cat will show just how clever he is. Perhaps Lenny the Octopus will tidy his terribly messy house. Or today could be the day that Colleen the Cow finally reaches the moon! And there are many more friends to meet.

Through its gentle-paced, charming narrative, Fluffy Gardens has a unique story for each individual. Perhaps today's story will become your new favourite!

Always charming. Always delightful. And always brought to you with a smile!



Ballybraddan (20 X13’)

A warm witty animated drama following the lives of the fifth-class children of the fictional Ballybraddan primary school. Among a gentle assortment of recognisable types, there’s a Polish kid with glasses and identical twins caught in the crossfire of art and sport; and then there’s the coach, the broken-nosed bainisteoir (manager) for whom life comes in the shape of a sliothar (ball). This is a humourous and engaging series whose characters are entirely local.

managing the universe

Managing the Universe (60 x 1’20”)

A collection of quirky shorts animated using photographs, we live in the moment of teenage life for sixty seconds. Crazy, fun and fast moving, blink and you will miss it.


Roobarb and Custard Too (39 X 7’)

Monster animation were challenged with re-creating this cult classic from the early seventies, working with the brilliant Richard Briers and the original creator Grange Calveley, Jason Tammemagi directed a new series to critical acclaim, check it out below